Sky Force - Technical Update 2.5 - Released


REX Sky Force – Technical Update 2.5 Released 






Wednesday, March 31, 2021 


Technical Update 2.5 of REX Sky Force has been officially released.  
The following is a list of the fixed items associated with this release:  
  • ADDED – Support for Prepar3D v5
  • FIXED – Improved visibility and haze effect rendering for Prepar3D v5
  • FIXED – PMDG wind file missing folder issue
  • FIXED – Optimization risk negative numbers with higher-end graphics cards
  • FIXED – Registration failures
  • FIXED – Cloud brightness modification for Prepar3D v5
  • FIXED – Overcast cloud models for Prepar3D 5 (Non-trueSky™)
  • FIXED – Green bar rendering when disabled
  • FIXED – Backup files will not overwrite with both 64bit and 32bit installed
  • FIXED – Export file not updating
  • FIXED – Export JSON file not being downloaded
  • FIXED – Flight plan not being cleared within the application
  • FIXED – Client connection database error
  • IMPROVED – Rendering moderate rain handling when BR is recognized within the metar report


Step 1 - Open Sky Force.  
Step 2 - If you receive a popup stating a new update is available, click the Download button to download the latest build. Save the file to your desktop.  
Step 3 - Close Sky Force and uninstall the application.   
Step 4 - Unzip the new update and right-click the rexinstaller.exe to run the file as Administrator. You may receive a popup from Windows requiring extra steps to run the installer. Be sure to click the More Info link and then the "Run Anyways" button.  
Step 5 - Once Sky Force is installed, right-click the Sky Force desktop icon, choose properties, choose advanced and then check Run as administrator. 


If you need support, please submit a support ticket at: 
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