Frame rate drop


Experiencing excessive frame rate drops


  • If running 4k resolution, please try to lower the display resolution inside of the simulator to see if this alleviates the issue.
  • If running Ultra settings in the simulator, please try to dial back settings to a more nominal level. Lowering settings will help improve your simulator's performance.
  • Another option that you could try is to fly in windowed mode.
  • Pay attention to the Render Scaling option in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Lower scaling improves performance. 
  • Try running with VSync OFF. 
  • If utilizing Nvidia drivers, open the Nvidia Control Panel and go to Configure PhysX. Under the PhysX Settings/Processor dropdown menu, make sure your graphics card is selected, then click Apply.
  • Try Using the Persistent Weather Load option in the Weather Force settings.
  • Try stopping weather synthesis in Weather Force, then re-establish weather synthesis. 
  •  Try enabling the Instant Weather Load option in the Weather Force settings. 
  • Always remember to update your drivers.


This article is still being developed and these suggestions have been based upon customer experiences.


  • REX 6 - Weather Force 2020
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
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