Simulator performance issue


The simulator crashes to desktop over a period of time.


Step 1 - Please open REX Sky Force

Step 2 - Navigate to the 3D Cloud Models window and reduce the Overcast levels to minimum. Then click the Install Models button.

Step 3 -  Then Navigate to the Settings->Resolutions window within Sky Force. Please reduce your texture resolutions to 512 x 512, then reinstall your textures.

Step 4 - Within Prepar3D please navigate to the Options->Display section within the sim. Then under the Image and Texture Only section make sure to reduce your AA setting to no greater than 4xMSAA. Anything higher than this will stress the machine and the sim.


  • REX 5 - Sky Force 3D
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition
  • Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v1 - 4
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